Bronzing Tips…

All women deserve to glow all year round and not all want to be sparkly bronzed!

And we aspire to share our secret to achieving that gorgeous golden bronze look you have always wanted to have all the time. Many women find after protecting their face in the summer time, their body has a lovely sun kissed glow but their face is left pale in comparison. And so with Mirenesse’s own 50 Shades Of Bronze we have the answer to this problem!

In combination with these beautify products are a few tips all beauty lovers will enjoy:

1. Firstly it is important when bronzing to remember that a little can go a long way.

2. Remember if your going to wear makeup under a bronzing product that you should switch to a slightly darker base colour that way the colours meet in the middle.

3. Be aware that you don’t need to pick between bronzer and blush, however subtle shades should be worn during the day, and dramatic tones at night.

4. Invest in a bronzer brush with tightly packed bristles and start your application at the forehead, then the cheeks and lastly the jawline.

5. Lastly, always set with powder to even out your skin tone and help the makeup last longer.


Saving up to 60% you can draw attention for all the right reasons. On an exclusive best of both worlds offer Mirenesse has:

1. The Luxurious Illumination Matte Liquid with SPF 15 suitable for all skin types and clinically proven to minimise open pores and heal blemishes.

2. The Gorgeous Glow 24hr Hydrating Emulsion Pact increasing hydration by 50% and erasing signs of fine lines and ageing.

3. The Gold Goddess Flawless Revolution Anti-ageing 3 in 1 Skin Perfector which long wear BB sheer face and body bronzer.

4. The Sun kissed Skin Clone Mineral Veil bronzer creating radiant glow and sculpting contours with anti-ageing benefits.

Mirenesse xx