The Black & Gold Eyeliner Trend…


We all love to pair our favourite little black dress with gold jewelry, gold hardware details on shoes, jackets and purses.

And we should love the hue just as much on our eyes as it makes a great smokey eye and can really bring out brown and coloured eyes.

Most of us only think of gold eyeshadow but eyeliner is about to make a big breakthrough and we have just launched our newest liquid eyeliner in glossy black and pure gold.


And whether you love thin or thick eyeliner gold and black are great for precision definition.

Our highly pigmented, fast setting smudge proof, flake free and sleep safe liners can easily be applied and removed.

Following some great tips from our Golden Look Post you too can create a glamorous look by using the two liners separately or together.  

But let’s look into the ways of applying eyeliner.

Beginners should start with the top lash line and apply the pencil or liquid from the inner to the outer edges.

The best way to apply this is to tilt your head back and use your non-drawing hand to stretch the skin then close your eye and pull your lid taut to draw your line, also raising your eyebrow will help.

For your first pass, wiggle it in between your lashes and on your second pass make the line thicker if you want. Then use a small chiseled brush or an angled brush to smudge the line to make it softer.

4 non winged

Beginners can also try brightening their eyes with liner by applying a beige-coloured eyeliner to your lower inner rim to counteract tired, red eyes.

To do so use your index finger, gently pull down your lower lid to expose your inner rim. Then with your pencil, gently go over your waterline, taking care to not poke yourself in the eye.

The same technique can also be used to add a pop of colour if you love your gold, blue, green or purples.


As you begin to become more comfortable you can then try a wraparound which is easier than it sounds.

Start with a line along your upper lash line from the inner to outer corners. Then line your lower inner rim with the liner and draw a line along your lower lash line until you connect the two lines at the outer edge. 


Following this a winged tip or cat eye are great looks to try.


And when it comes to application, those with a steady hand can sweep the brush effortlessly across the base of the eyelashes and allow 30 seconds for drying.

And for those not so steady, try our dash dot dash application.

Dot three small dashes across the upper lash line and follow by joining each dash with a single stroke and then repeat on the bottom lash line.


Always bold and beautiful!

Mirenesse xx