Perfect Nude Lips…

We all need to know how to pull of a nude lip look.

This ongoing trend is flawless and naturally radiating when it works.

So alongside having the right products to support the look here are some tips that you need to remember to ensure your lips are full, smooth and vibrant.

1. Nude lips show dry skin even more so than coloured ones do.

chapped lips

So using a wet washcloth, an old toothbrush, or a gentle scrub exfoliate all those dead skin cells off and moisturise them. 

2. Remember nude is not the same as neutral.

Take your skin tone, lip color and where you’re going into account when choosing your shade. Wearing a shade that’s too pale for your complexion may cause you to be washed out so if you have fair skin, try a peachy pink and if you are more in the medium to dark skin range a beige will work well for you.

3. Remember to conceal your lips first.

Blending concealer on and around your mouth will keep the gloss from seeping into the fine lines around your mouth, and it also neutralizes the natural pink of your lips.

4. Don’t forget to line your lips before you apply your colour!

Use a liner that’s one shade darker than your skin tone to define your lips and ensure they pop.

5. Don’t forget the gloss.

soft lips

You can go with a clear one or a slightly tinted nude or pink gloss.

And now to the colours we recommend.

Complimenting our sparkly Superlong Wear Gel Mineral Pink Halo Face Colour and Inside Out 27hr Eye Kohl in Meret we recommend.


The lip plumping Velvet Lip Lift Anniversary in Pale Rose.

Add for the gloss our Forever Diamonds Lipstick in Dom.

All can be purchased in the amazing pack above, and with the two lip textures you can create the most amazing nude finish.

Mirenesse xx