Customising Your Makeup…

Here at Mirenesse we love seeing all the customised colours that our lovely shoppers create from our products.

Whether it be mixing multiple lip colours, blending several eye shadows or a mixture of the two, mixing and creating your own colours and styles is a must try.

And you too can easily pull off a glamorous multi-coloured look in a few short seconds.

dreamstime_7245600 copy

So alongside our recent posts about two-tone lip colour and blending shadows here are a few quick mixes you can make quite easily.

1. A pink lippy favourite.

Is a mixture of:

Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain 3.5g #33

Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain 3.5g #35

Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain 3.5g #36

The trick here is to mix the colours on the back of your hand and apply them with a lip brush to avoid mixing the colours within the tubes.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.57.53 pm

2. An eyeshadow obsession.

Our multiple trios of pure crushed natural minerals that blend seamlessly to create a flawless eye are amazing for multiple colour.

To be used wet or dry to create eye defining effects these amazing palettes are infused with a powerful rejuvenating peptide.

The trick here is using both sides of the applicator to ensure your light colours and dark ones stay separate and don’t blend before you’ve been able to apply them.

pearl-crush-creasless-shadow-4g3. And for the Eyeliner drama queens.

Pure Gold and Glossy Black combinations are a must try.

In our range these amazing Secret Weapon 24Hr liquid eyeliners are peel away so never fear to be adventurous.

And for the most drama highlight the upper lash line in black and the inner corners and lower lash line of each eye in gold.

Beautiful woman with magnificent hair

Enjoy the difference!

Mirenesse xx