What Your Cleanser Says About You…

Cleansers are very important and washing your face too infrequently will encourage breakouts and can also lead to excessive oiliness, dirt and impurities. 

So before we take this any further and find the right cleanser for you the first step is to aim to wash your face twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. Also you’ll need to do this correctly, the goal here is to clean your face without rubbing it raw.

Using your fingertips, warm water and a gentle cleanser you can open the pores and apply the product in upward, circular motions all over your face and neck. By clearing away the dirt, grime and dead cells the right facial cleanser will regain a more youthful and healthy appearance. So how do you choose the right one.

Well, firstly you need to know what kind of face your working with. Everyone has a basic skin type and this knowledge will help you determine what type of cleanser you need. And this is of the upmost importance as using the wrong cleanser can make matters worse, so we have outlined a few skin types below.


Oily Skin will make your face look shiny, greasy and oil only a few hours after washing. A cleanser with acne-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid and moisturisers that are oil free and contain rice protein that absorbs oil will work well, and please do not be scared of SPF, this is very important and will not make your skin more oily, as most believe.

Dry Skin types will find their facial pores will be hard to see only a few hours after washing. Using a mild cleanser morning and night followed by the application of a moisturiser that contains emollients like glycerin or dimethicone will soften and decrease itching and flaking. A cream cleanser is also a great option for teens with dry skin, as it prevents over-drying.

Sensitive Skin sufferers will feel tight or itchy and combination skin types will find some areas oily while others are dry or sensitive. Once you have classified your skin type you can narrow your search for a facial cleanser.

Words of the wise are that a majority of people suffer with dry skin and for this skin type you should avoid products with a heavy alcohol content, and oily skin sufferers should look for cleansers with a low pH level. And if you wear lots of makeup daily, you’ll want to explore the options for facial cleansers with makeup removal.

Spending a little time reading labels and researching product lines will pay dividends and this is important because some chemicals commonly used in facial cleansers can irritate the skin such as phthalates. Remember there is such thing as over washing your face as you could be stripping away the skin’s natural oils which can result in dryness, and same goes for over exfoliating as we mentioned in our Common Beauty Mistakes Post.

Another fact worth mentioning here too is that cleansing your insides can also help your skin. Optimal health is important and this means you should have a good balance of beneficial bowel flora.

garlic etc triptych

Surprisingly, garlic, coconut and aloe vera juice can help clear parasites from your bowel, not that you would want to have them all at once.

But they do work and so does plenty of fibre so fruit, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains are great. And if that isn’t helping enough your local pharmacy will have a great range of probiotics to restore a healthy balance of good bacteria in the bowel.

So put your mind at ease and clear all impurities both inside and out.

Mirenesse xx


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