Peel Away Enlarged Pores And Discolouration…

Suffering from enlarged pores or discolouration?

And you don’t know why?

First for many of us who don’t know those little holes on our faces known as pores are little more than an unsightly nuisance.

Aside from causing blemishes they house hair follicles and serve as a gateway for sebum, our skin’s natural oil.

An oily substance that makes the skin waterproof and keeps it from drying out Sebum is the reason why naturally oily skin sufferers tend to have larger pores.

large pores

And although there’s no single answer why some women have nearly invisible pores and others don’t there are several contributing factors which include:

1. Oily Skin and Acne. It is true that Pores are more visible when they’re blocked by oil and this can contribute to blackheads and acne.

2. Skin Damage. People commonly damage their skin by baking in the sun or by picking at acne and blackheads.

3. Genetics. Unfortunately, there is a genetic component to pore size.

4. Ageing. Skin loses elasticity and thins as part of the ageing process, which means that pores tend to grow with age.

And although the next point may not be positive it is one that you can certainly change.

5. Bad skin habits. Ladies, if you go to bed with your makeup on, or exercise without washing your skin afterwards, or don’t cleanse at all you are contributing to the appearance of enlarged pores.

Now to skin discolouration which is one of the top reasons why an individual can look much older than their real age.

Similar to our pore issues discoloration can have many causes, ranging from cosmetic issues to more complex skin issues.



Once again sun exposure can cause burning and this can make existing skin conditions flare up.

Jaundice known as the yellowing of the skin as well as birthmarks and hormone imbalances can cause discolouring.

Similarly rosacea, cyanosis-bluish skin sufferers and cirrhosis as well as scarring and infections caused by dilated blood vessels and sun exposure can be the reason why skin is or suddenly becomes discoloured.

Also, some medications have side effects that cause skin discolouration and commonly increased oil production as well as a weakened immune system can also lead to infections and skin discolourations.

So you now hold the power to change your pore issues and slow down any hereditary shortcomings.

And now that you have some information on skin discoloration, make sure you investigate any skin issues that arise further if needed by your doctor or dermatologist.

Mirenesse xx


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