Skincare’s Perfect 10 Ingredients…

Today we are going to share some exclusive cosmetic secret ingredients with you all.

Clinically proven to effectively reorganise collagen, lift sagging skin and withhold multiple anti-ageing benefits these are the 10 top ingredients that should be in your next skincare purchase.

1. Lyslastine, proven to stimulate elastin enzyme expression by 64% and reorganise collagen this ingredient is responsible for elastin cross-linking.

2. Idealift, a powerful anti-sagging, lifting and elastin stimulator, this ingredient is a lipo-peptide that stimulates coordinated synthesis of elastic fibers in order to combat the reduction of elasticity related to ageing or the cumulative daily external aggressions which contribute to the sagging of the skin. Idealift has also demonstrated its capability of treating sensitive skin.

3. Phytosonic is another super ingredient and is an anti-fat storage remodelling that decreases fat tissue thickness and has an ultrasound like effect.

4. Revidrate stimulates the entire natural moisturising factor increasing skin revival and hydration and recreates the skins own natural moisture by supporting the water and lipid balance in the epidermis.

5. COQ-10 is the skin cell protective antioxidant against ageing that we all know and love, and is similar to a vitamin. It is found in every cell of the body and we produce it for energy. It also functions as an antioxidant, which protects the body from damage caused by harmful molecules. CoQ10 is naturally present in small amounts in a wide variety of foods, but levels are particularly high in organ meats such as heart, liver and kidney as well as beef, soy oil, sardines, mackerel, and peanuts.


6. Rice Stem Cells is another well known ingredient and this can protect skin stem cells.

7. Caffeine, which stimulates lipolysis in cells can reduce cellulite or puffy eyes with anti-inflammatory agents.

8. Hyaluraonte, which is the skins own super moisturiser gives skin volume by holding onto water as an anti-ageing treatment and it is used to treat the loss of facial volume and wrinkles and has also been used to treat knee pain due to arthritis.

9. Egf-1, is the Epidermal Growth Factor With 53 Amino Acids, yes 53!


10. Niacinamide which is used for anti-age spots, brightness and refine skin tone and texture, this ingredient is a form of Vitamin B3 which is commonly found in yeast, meat, fish, milk, eggs, green vegetables, beans, and cereal grains.

There you have it, the top 10.

Mirenesse xx