What To Do When Your Favourite Product Is Discontinued…

I’m sure this has happened to most of us!

We fall deeply in love with one product and as soon as we go to replenish it, it is no longer made and has disappeared without warning.

And although the cosmetics greats discontinue these products as they continue to improve and introduce newer, more advanced technologies, women are looking everywhere for that one shade

So here are a few things you can do to make this event not so frantic.

1. Call up the hotline or customer service center of the brand. 


They will be the best people to speak to in terms of numbers remaining in stock and what new colour is the closest and best replacement of the product.

2. Check the web.

Chances are that if you really love the product to spend time researching it most likely someone else will too, so there just may be one available.

3. Customise.


This is the best solution of them yet.

If you have a small amount left, or a sample you can re-create the makeup or mix your own version of it.

Creating lipstick at home for example is a matter of mixing the left over blobs with some vaseline or lip balm and popping it into a tester jar and applying it with a lip brush.

Same goes for your favourite blusher, bronzer or concealer, if your compact has broken up into pieces, blend down the fragments and create a silky finish by adding a few drops of your favourite moisturiser and making it into a cream consistency that you can apply with a brush.

Alternatively it has been heard that some customise lovers out there blob colours on baking paper using a butter knife and then microwave the concoction for about 20 seconds to melt it down and then allow it to cool for quite a while before trying.

So there you have it!

Feel free to share your own solutions to this problem, we would love to see your favourite products saved!

Mirenesse xx