5 Minute Celebrity Techniques…

Whether it be their fashion sense, hair style or makeup we all hope to mimic the latest celebrity looks.

And now you too can be 5 star in 5 minutes by perfecting these easy techniques to add brightness, volume and a pop of colour to your style.

And if you are able to purchase some amazing products on sale you can pull off a glamorous look at a great price.

So, now to the products.

1. Use a highlighter or a sculpting palette to create the perfectly contoured and red-carpet ready photogenic model like look.


2. Add a pop of colour to your eyes and outline them well up to the brow.


Tip: Using a white eyeliner apply to the inner corner of the eyes to open the eye area.

3. Last but no least when running out with a naked eye highlight your lips by using a bright hue.


And that’s it, three simple products that can leave you flawless and bright.

So enjoy the ease of adding a little something special to your look when your on the go and don’t be afraid to try new brands and new colours especially when brands have a warehouse or factory seconds sale and items sell at crazy prices!

Mirenesse xx