Experimenting With New Makeup…

Although many of us are daring enough to experiment mixing different makeup shades and some across multiple brands there are a few of us who fear this experimentation.

To pull of the following looks, the first thing to do is to pick the best time to buy the products, some shops will discount stock that has damaged packaging and will put their seconds on sale and this is a great time to try a new brand or new products in an unusual shade.

So let’s breakdown some easy experimenting ideas and some tips for first time buyers that aren’t so scary and equally not so expensive.

Kim from TVSN no mascara just Icurl and EY Midnight Magic


1. Extra glow

An interesting trick to try is to buy a foundation that is 2 to 3 shades darker than your normal blend and this is also quite easy to do as these colours are the ones that don’t normally run low in stores as most will buy the lighter shades.

With this dark shade you can use a tiny bit and apply it to your cheeks, chin and along the sides of your nose to add a non-sparkling touch of bronze to your look.

Now for a buyers tip.

2. Try something light and read testimonials.

When buying a new product for the first time, particuarly if you haven’t used the brand before start with something light such as a powder, blush or bronzer and read the testimonials online or ask in store to find a good match for your skin.


3. Red Lips and Cream Eyes.

With bright red lips or even a dark winter berry colour you can easily tone down the shadow using a creamy shade. The trick here is to apply the shade across the crease of your lids.

Another buyers tip.

4. Call customer service when buying online or ask for assistance in store.

You never know what inside knowledge you might find out about your skin and the products that are best for it if you don’t ask.

So don’t be afraid to call teams and ask about your skin concerns, equally in store the staff should be helpful also.


5. Swooped Eyes.

For nights out eyeliner is a must have and with a range of colours on the market there is no limitation for choice.

An exaggerated cat eye which is a guided winged out shape starting from halfway across the lid and extending to the end of the brow is a great way to elongate the eyes and create the perfect almond shape as well as add great definition.

And our last key advice is…

6. Purchase an eyeliner or mascara as one of the first items to try.

Even makeup beginners can use a little eyeliner across the bottom line and add mascara to their lashes and with multiple items to pick from by following the two tips above, after reading some testimonials and speaking to someone about your concerns you should be in the right mind frame to pick the best product for you to buy.


Mirenesse xx