Fake It Till You Make It, Makeup Style…

Although we all love plump lips, high brows and firm skin some of us just aren’t that lucky to have it all.

And yes, of course there is nothing wrong with that, but there are a few little tricks and some really great products that can give you want you want, where you want it.

So if you want plumper lips, lifted brows and younger skin, here are some of our trades secrets.

1. Lip Plumping.

In conjunction with some of our best lip products such as our Lip Lift Line Fill Serum which is a clear, glossy lip plumping and rejuvenating serum with patented plumping micro collagen & hyaluronic spheres to instantly plump your lips, you can start adding a little more volume to your lips using this quick tips.

Try to avoid dark colours which can make your lips look smaller.

Choosing a lighter shade will reflect light and therefore give the illusion of fullness.

Those feeling a little more daring can try adding a highlighter, or white pencil liner to their cupid’s bow in an M shape above the upper lip.

And to take it that step further you can also try applying concealer to your entire lip surface and then drawing a line around your mouth slightly outside your natural line, moving inward and blending it all with lipstick or a gloss, or both.


2. Brow lifting.

After and only after you create the right shape for your brows can you prepare to lift and arch them.

As shown in our graphic below test your current shape and pluck or wax your way to achieve the right length.

Remember here that over plucking will only make matters worse, remember to step back after every few hairs to check symmetry.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 4.20.31 pm

Following the shaping you now have multiple items to play with.

One 4 in 1 miracle wonder is our 24 Hr Brow Lift and Shape Mascara.

Smoothing, filling, colouring and shaping unruly brows in one easy step this unique 3-Dimensional formula lasts for up to 24 hrs smudge free and transfer proof, keeping brows flawlessly shaped to perfection, coloured to subtly define the face and instantly lifting!

And one of the best features is that it can be applied easily with a side sweeping motion in short strokes to colour, fill and define the eyebrows following their natural contour.

Now a crowd favourite.

3. Younger skin.


Alongside all the tips, fitness workouts and super food guides that we have shared here on the blog, our Youth Switch DNA Stem Cell Booster is a rejuvenating firming serum inspired by the gene science Epigenetics (above the gene) which creates more elasticity, smoother skin and more alive looking skin that defies its age, and looks rested and luminous.

Using the guide outlined above this miracle treatment containing the best anti-ageing ingredients on offer will allow you to enjoy the benefits that can be seen in the below graphic!


new-youth-switch-dna-stem-cell-booster-faceMirenesse xx