Peptides For Lash Growth…

We all want longer, fuller and sexier lashes, yes?

Well, what if I told you that your next mascara purchase could actually grow and thicken your eyelashes naturally as well as add instant volume?

Hard to believe yes, but it’s true, and the heart of this miracle rests in some very special peptides!

But what are these peptides.

Well, SymPeptide is the answer and this is a series of peptides for topical cosmetic applications with excellent efficacy.

The best way to think of it, is as an eyelash conditioner that improves the appearance of natural lash length, fullness, and thickness.

Amazing, right?

Not only is this peptide a great eyelash enhancer but it’s also anti-ageing, an anti-inflammatory as well as an anti-bacterial.

4d-lash-evolution-mascara-10gTherefore it’s no wonder why our 4D Lash Evolution Mascarawhich contains the potent combination of 6 Peptides and rare Swiss apple stem cells, deeply penetrates individual lash hair follicles.

By nourishing each lash to fortify, condition and promote lash growth for over 24 hours this amazing mascara has been clinically proven to increases the lash hair follicle lifespan by 50%.

Promoting stem cell growth this mascara has even helped women improve thinning or over plucked eyebrows!

So, with any confusion now cleared up, it’s time you invested some money into a mascara that will lengthen your lashes and even your brows for years to come.

Mirenesse xx