Shadow Trends For Different Eye Shapes…

We all have different eye shapes and thus we should all be applying eye shadow and eyeliner differently.

So here are the beauty trade secrets from the founders of Mirenesse and our great Mirenesse testimonials regarding the most common eye shapes for all you makeup lovers out there.

1. Round and Protruding Eyes.

Full round eyes can hold eyeliner from the inner corners all the way to the outside ending in a straight line or small cat eye. Highlighting below the brow bone and the inner corners of the eye with a light shadow will compliment the shape. Protruding eyes only need a small amount of highlighting under the brow bone. Similar to the hooded eye, you should heavily shade with a medium colour followed by applying heavy eyeliner from the inner corners of your eye to the outside with just a straight line.

2. Almond Shaped Eyes.

Firstly if you are one of the lucky few you have this shape you should know they are mostly symmetrical and therefore you should use the round eye application technique which mimics the shape of your own eye, quite easy to do and lovely to look at.

3. Downturned Eyes.

Downturned eyes can use a little lifting and so for these ladies your eyeliner should be your best friend. Firstly a shadow can be applied, as it would be for round or almond eyes only a little heavier. Following the shadow a sweep of eyeliner starting at the inner corners and extending all the way to the outside works best but remember to curve upwards at the end. 


4. Hooded Eyes.

For hooded eyes a light shadow can be applied over the entire lid and the hooded area alongside a darker contour shade on the outer corner, sweeping up to a light peak.

What’s important to remember here is that this shape doesn’t need much highlighting, so it’s best to start with a light shadow in the inner corners of the eyes and a good amount of the medium colour to the hooded lid.

5. Deep Set Eyes.

For deep-set eyes the same application technique should be used as it is for a round eye, but a lighter shade should be visible on the eyelid and a dark shadow should be applied to the crease and above the eye to give the illusion of roundness. 

6. Close Set Eyes.

For close-set eyes, eyeshadows should be light in the inner corners and medium throughout followed by a darker shade in the outer corner.You can firstly start by highlighting below the brow and the inner lid area. This can then be followed by a darker colour and shade from the outside on top of the crease to give more contrast.

Here the main trick is to use a light colour on the inside corners of your eyes and a darker shade on the outer corners. 

So go spend a little time in the bathroom before heading out this weekend and play with your favourite shades and liners to enhance your eye shape.

Mirenesse xx