The Reverse Cat Eye Trend…

This trend is a big one and one that is perfect for rounded eyes as it can instantly elongate them.

So let’s get straight down to it.

To pull of the reverse cat eye trend you will need to bring the liner past your tear duct toward your nose to create an almond-shaped eye.

Remember here to extend the liquid liner a little past the outer corner of your eye and then trace beyond where your eye ends toward your inner corner, following the natural shape of your eye.

But before we go any further into how to apply the liner let us first ensure that the look is pulled off correctly.

Firstly, start by applying a primer to your face and eye area using a brush in order to prepare the base.

This should be followed by a bright foundation for a glowing effect.

Following this the next step is to apply concealer under the eyes and blend it well using your fingers or a brush.

And lastly a light shimmer powder or bright peachy blush should be added to the cheekbones.

Now to focus a little more deeply on the application of the liner.
reverse cat eye how to insta 1
1. Starting at the outer corner of your eye, draw a thick line across the upper lashes and down near your tear duct.
2. Following the natural shape of your eyes proceed in your application to the inner corners of the eyes, and continue the line past the tear duct section going about a quarter of the way along the bottom lash line.
3. Lastly, draw a sharp point angling out using the pointed tip of your angled brush.
Some words for the wise ladies, the look is interestingly noted to be worn without mascara and to be dramatised by smudging a light, translucent silver glitter on the lid and the brow bone and a nude lip colour on the lips.

reverse cat eye how to insta 2

So what are you waiting for?
The look is elongating, daring and vibrant!
Mirenesse xx

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