Multitasking Beauty Product Must Haves…

We’ve spoken about this before, but we at Mirenesse feel it’s worth another mention because it happens to the best of us.

We all carry around way too much!

So today we are sharing one of many multitasking products to lighten the load.

First on the list…

1. Our Flawless Revolution 3 in 1 Skin Perfector.

A 3-in-1 multitasking skin perfector with revolutionary chromafusion and tripeptide technology this miracle product is an invisible skin like 24hr triplex matrix that withholds the power of being a line smoothing moisturiser, pore refining primer as well as a sheer colour corrector.

The first layer of moisture contains the protective antioxidant betaglucan and the super hydrator hyaluronate.

In the second layer, which works as a primer there are Silicone fillers with a mineral sunscreen to prime and smooth the skin and lastly the third layer which adds the colour contains chromafusion transparent pigments that cover skin naturally without a mask-like effect.


So to receive both advantages of both skincare and makeup in one product this product is a clear must try and only needs to be pumped once and applied once a day onto clean skin one section at a time, it is as easy as that.

2. 4D Secret Lash Evolution Serum.


We have to thank our customers for this one.

Designed to help grow longer lashes our 4D Lash Evolution Serum actively works within 2 weeks to stimulate hair growth this lash wonder has been used to also help grow thicker brows.

With 15 powerful patented key ingredients including rare Swiss apple stem cells, the growth factor complex with keratin gene stimulating peptides, silk, panthenol and bio nutrients it’s no wonder this product can fight thinning, brittle and sparse lashes.

3. Auto Lip Eye Liner Duet.


Getting straight to the point, this uniquely long lasting mineral based double liner duet is easy to use and an absolute must have accessory for your handbag!

With Vitamin E and organic waxes this retractable liner shapes and defines eyes and lips with precision and easily replaces your favourite carried touch up eye and lip items.

With the above three items and only three, you’ll have your face primed, moisturised and covered alongside long and full brows and lashes and defined eyes and lips.

Who would have thought that multitasking could be so easy and light!

Mirenesse xx