To Have Or Not To Have Fake Lashes…

It was a models favourite question and now it’s an everyday girls most common question.

So is it better to fake the lashes or not?

Well, here at Mirenesse we embrace natural beauty but we do insist that all women can have long volumised lashes.

To avoid the hassle of eyelash extensions and glued on fake lashes we have our own solution, that has no glue, doesn’t flake and is easy to apply alongside aiding in your lashes natural growth.

To good to be true, right?


It’s our Instant Lash Transplant Volumising Kit that has won 13 awards.


With iconic technology this amazing kit instantly fuses silky black fibres to your own eyelashes to create the look of full volume eyelashes.

One application can last up to 24 hrs or more and there will be no flaking, clumping, smearing and no mess with easy water removal.

Quick and easy to use all you need to do is brush-on transplanting gel and add the silky black fibres.

Ideal for anyone with thin, sparse lashes or anyone who wants to add dramatic volume and achieve a false lash look without the messy glue or painful extensions!


Here are the steps one by one, to ensure a flawless application it is as easy as following the numbered guide on the items in the kit:

1. Apply Transplant Gel (1) to one eye at a time – Coat tips of the lashes with tip of the brush, then wiggle the mascara brush from base of lashes to tips.

2. Brush on Silky Black Lash Fibres (2) before gel sets. Start at the base of the eyelashes & brush upwards. Re-apply Transplant Gel (1) to secure fibres.

3. Comb through with the eyelash comb (3) to perfect your look. For extra volume effect reapply the Transplant Gel (1) + Fibres (2), Transplant Gel (1)+Comb again
mirenesse-instant-lash-transplant-volumising-kit-winner-13-awards-limit-2-2And that’s it, you can have long full lashes within minutes at home in your bathroom with this kit which is also designed especially for sensitive eyes.

There you have it ladies, we wouldn’t support the fakes which lead you to extreme measures, but a little faking that opens your eyes, adds a lot of length and loads of volume, we’ll support that.

Mirenesse xx