Dehydration, The First Sign Of Ageing…

Dehydration is one thing we may not pay a great deal of attention to, but given it’s the first stage of ageing we should.

And we should pay special attention to our face, hands, legs, elbows and knees.

Affecting the whole body, there are some areas that have a higher tendency to dryness since the hydrolipidic film protecting them is thinner and they are constantly exposed to multiple external aggressions.

For example, the face area is the most exposed to external factors such as the cold, wind and sun.

Likewise our hands and feet are exposed to external factors such as changes in temperature, calluses and cracks.

When it comes to our bodies, extreme dryness is associated with itching.

But you may still be wondering what dehydration is, so let’s break it down a little further.


Dehydration refers to the process of reducing water within the body through illness, physical exercise, and stress or water deprivation.

Generally, our body’s water is conserved to reduce water output by the kidney.

But we should all be aware that hydrating properly means we need much more than water both inside and out and this is where great skincare comes in.

To provide the skin with substances that not only limit water loss but also retain and restore the optimum level is where our Power Lift Day Treatment Cream and Power Lift Active Hand and Body Balm come in.



As a unique 3-in-1 instant lifting, rejuvenating and hydrating cream containing a rare potent transdermal Australian botanical complex to smooth, fill, relax and reduce fine lines and wrinkles the treatment cream can be used daily as a moisturiser and as a hydrating mask.

With micro collagen, squalene, hyaluronic acid, organic rose water and macadamia oil as well as panthenol, willow bark extract and Vitamin E this Power Lift product is ideal for skin that looks tired, stressed or saggy, or appears to be affected by additional signs of ageing such as skin discolouration, dry uneven skin texture or fine lines and wrinkles.

Paired with the concentrated instant firming hydrating anti-ageing Hand and Body balm containing organic macadamia oil, rose water and orange oil as well as phytosphingosine, algae extract and squalane it’s no surprise users of the product have seen the correction of uneven skin tone and pigmentation, brightness and intense hydration.

So stay youthful and keep hydrated both inside and out.

Mirenesse xx