The New Sleeping Beauty Category…

Trying to rectify an ongoing beauty problem?

Are you neglecting your skin by possibly working or playing too hard?

Well, we have discovered a new way to hydrate the skin and this little sleeping wonder deserves its own category and therefore its own space in the bathroom.

So what it is?

Well, it is a super hydrating night mask in the form of a moist gel that is an overnight treatment like no other.


Our Fast Fix Sleeping Beauty Moisture Revival Sleep Mask.

Reviving moist glowing youthful skin, that is tighter, brighter and smoother, it’s no surprise we have packed in some of our most favourite ingredients such as idealift for anti-sagging, phytosonic which decreases fat tissue thickness, revidrate for skin revival and hydration, COQ-10 and rice stem cells for skin cell protection, caffeine, hyaluraonte, egf-1 and niacinamide for anti-age spots.

If that isn’t convincing enough see some of the amazing results that we have discovered during trials.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 3.56.39 pmScreen Shot 2014-03-27 at 3.56.56 pm

There you have it ladies, a way to treat ageing and dehydrated skin while you sleep.

No extra time and no extra effort required.

Mirenesse xx