Flattering Pink Makeup…

sweet makeup colour that manages to suit and look good on everyone is Pink.

A common staple in your makeup bag, both in eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, and nail polish there is an instant lift and brightness that radiates from the colour.

Around the eye area, a soft pink shadow over the eyelids can give the skin a dose of healthy colour!

It’s also worth noting here that pale pink shades are the most universally flattering and a cream formula will brighten the eyelids and highlight brow bones.

On the cheeks, pink looks the most natural, and although we live by the rule of; the lighter your skin, the lighter your makeup shades, when it comes to blush even a bright and sheer fuchsia delivers beautiful colour. 


For your lips, remember a pink painted lip can really freshen your look and add some personality.

So for the loud and bubbly types out there, are bright, hot pink lipstick or matte stain can really make a statement.

On the more subtle side, sheer shades and glosses can add a kiss of colour that will compliment smokey eyes and bold pink blush. 

To dress your nails a pale pink pairs well with bright coloured clothing, while a hot pink adds great contrast to a white or black dress.

So embrace your precious self with a lovely colour that many of us forgot about after childhood.

It is a girly colour for a reason!

Mirenesse xx


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