The Perfect Eyelash Lift…

You can obtain lovely lashes with mascara, but the best kind of flawless lashes are the ones that are curled and volumised naturally.

And here at Mirenesse we have the power to do just that.


With our iCurl Twin Heated Lash Curler and our iCurl Secret Weapon 24 Hr Mascara.


With innovative twin heated pads this eyelash curler easily transforms stick straight lashes into sexy curls.

Easily creating a bright, youthful, wide eye look you can look younger instantly!

But wait there’s more.

Paired with our 2012 winner of the best mascara you can really hold the curl power you have always wanted.

With an iCurl Sculptor Brush and an iCurl Memory Formula for the ultimate curl and holding power, this mascara is the perfect companion to the iCurl Twin Heated Lash Curler!

Lifting the lashes up to a 90 degrees and lasting all day and night this mascara is made up of organic waxes and panthenol to help grow your lashes naturally.

So don’t waste any more time wondering how to perfectly lift your eyes and extend as well as curl those straight lashes.

Your answer is here.




Mirenesse xx