Pastel Makeup…

Some will say that pastels make you pale, but the mint greens, sea blues and candy pinks have become some of the most edgy hits of colour that can be worn.

Although we have kissed goodbye the warmer weather these 40’s eyeshades and 60’s bright cheeks are a great way to brighten a winter style.

So let’s explore some great lip and eye pastel styles.

1. An eye splash, ombre or punchy sparkle.


Pairing a simple splash of blue in the inner corners and along the inner half of the lid with a black eyeliner flick and peachy nude lip is a great pastel style.

Similarly three punchy pastels on the eyes in an ombre style is a great way to showcase yellow, green and aqua blue, and this style should accompany a strong brow pencil and curled mascara free lashes.

Adding a lot more glam and not for the faint hearted, the sparkly eye trend which includes a layer of shimmer over a power pastel shadow is a great way to combine blue and green, but it is important that black liner and mascara is used on the top lash line.

2. Pastel Pink lips.


We know it’s not one for all of us, but it’s surely worth a try.

A pink-violet lipstick topped with an eye shadow that adds a luminous effect is a great way to enhance plump lips when wearing a grey and black winter ensemble.

Lucky last.

3. Matching Eyes and Lips.


As simple as it may sound, wearing simultaneous colours on the eyes and lips is great for matte shades such as orange.

The trick with this style is to keep the colour on the eye very minimal if your going for a subtle look, for those seeking a bold look, simply add a little of the shade to the cheeks.

So ensure you add a pastel shade to your shopping cart when you go out on your next makeup run.

Mirenesse xx