Day To Night Makeup Tips…

Do you wish you could transform your modern daytime look into after dark glamour?

Well it’s easier than you think.

With some expert advice from makeup artists you too can clean up your daytime makeup and be hot date ready.

1. In the morning avoid over the top makeup and apply soft light colours to create a soft, fresh look. A little bronzer can be added to this simple makeup style for a healthy sun-kissed glow, which can be paired with a rosy lip-gloss.

2. When afternoon hits you can line both the inner and outer corners of your eyes with black eyeliner and touch-up your base by covering up any spots or discolourations.

3. As evening approaches and you finish work it’s time for a bit of sparkle.

Colours you can’t go wrong with and are makeup bag must haves are purple, navy blue and silver.

bright lippy also adds a sexy finish to your evening look which can be topped with a great pair of earrings and a runway style play up of your business suit.


To ensure that your makeup lasts throughout the day and into the night, we have a few more tips.

1. Use a primer on your skin to help set your makeup and if you find you become oily throughout the day use an oil mattifier underneath your foundation.

2. Powder your foundation after you apply it to help it last.

3. Keep your eye shadow from fading by applying a primer or a concealer as well as loose powder to your lids.

4. Keep your lips coloured for longer by applying lip liner over your entire lip.

5. For your hair, keep it up in the morning for work and then before you leave work let your hair down and use hot curlers to add some sexy waves.

So whether your meeting someone for a date or heading out to a dinner party using the steps above and some great makeup you too can quickly and easily transform your daytime makeup into after dark glamour.

Mirenesse xx