Phytosonic And Idealift Anti-Ageing Miracles…

Today we have some very important information regarding two integral anti-ageing ingredients!

Phytosonic known for anti-fat storage remodelling and its ability to decrease fat tissue thickness and Idealift known for its anti-sagging and stimulation of elastin effect.

Both can be found in our Fast Fix Masks and Chin Tuck products and have proven their worth not only in treating cellulite and fatty tissue around the thighs and glutes but around the jaw and neck also.

So let’s explore each a little more deeply, so that you feel as strongly about their results as we at Mirenesse do!

1. Phytosonic

Decreasing thickness and volume of fat tissue prevalent throughout our lives during adolescence, menopause and pregnancy this amazing ingredient has an ultrasound like effect, meaning you can see the results you want without any invasive procedures.

Reducing lipid storage this ingredient offers an anti-inflammatory effect as well as tissue remodelling.

Combining three plant extracts including; Glaucium flavum, Euglena gracilis and plant caffeine your cells are instantly protected, skin cell energy production is triggered and the activity of fatty acid uptake is decreased.

In the below graphic it can be seen that of those who tried the ingredient an evident amount saw smoother and firmer skin within just two months.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 3.21.45 pm

2. Idealift

This elasticity restorer combating sagging is responsible for fighting decreased skin tissue, which in turn can affect the maintenance of proteins.

This ingredient is one we all need to be aware of when changes in the curve of the jaw, and a “coarsening” of the features are observed!

Naturally maintained by a complex system of cross-linked proteins which strengthen the skins resistance to stretching this ingredient is the elastic band we all will be wishing for when our wrinkles strop drawing attention because our eyebrows and jaw are imparting a sad expression!

So now that the study has been done for you, you hold the power to reduce fat tissue thickness and improve saggy skin as shown in the graphic below to ensure that your skin and its facial features are lifted!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 3.36.33 pm

Never let a nip-tuck thought cross your mind again, purchasing the right products which have been clinically proven to work and which come from natural origins are within reach right now and don’t come with the heavy price tag.

Mirenesse xx