Tough, Super-Edgy Makeup Looks…

A fairly new, odd and yet beautiful trend…

That’s right were going to discuss some tough, super edgy makeup styles.

It may seem hard to believe at first, but super-edgy makeup is a lot more wearable than you think!

So put those images of Beyonce, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus wearing grills to rest, the trade secrets to bold, tough and edgy makeup can easily highlight the key feature of the face like you’ve never seen before!

The key to it, is starting small.

The main features you are aiming to highlight subtly with the look are the cheeks, eyes and brows for boldness by firstly sweeping neutral tones onto the areas before getting creative.

The runaways and catwalks of the last two years have showcased clean complexions, bleached brows, heavy kohl rimmed eyes and deep plum lips and this look does not stray far from these stylised trends.

So following your slightly paler base and highlights across the cheekbones, the eyes and brow the next step is to thickly apply a black liner.


Then spice up your lips and eyes with a purple or pink lip and a magenta or navy eye colour.

For those more daring bold jewellery and sleek hairstyles will add drama and more edge to the style and dark coloured nails will complete the look.

As a perfect makeup trend to try for those girl night outs or with your latest leather jacket and new stilettos this trend brings a whole new meaning to subversive chic and therefore it’s a must try beauty trend!

Mirenesse xx