Wearing Too Much Eye Shadow…

Too much eye shadow, is there such a thing?

Well, during the day we would have to go with yes.

So where do you draw the line?

Well it turns out you can actually apply to your hearts content and then bring back the colour when you go a bit too far with one trick that is used by makeup artists.

But how hard is it?

Well, it’s as easy as using a cotton tip.

By simply dipping a cotton tip into your favourite moisturiser or makeup remover and gently swiping off the tone you can bring too much eye shadow a level down.

Followed by using a sponge tip applicator and a dab of a neutral shadow your overall look will be daytime plausible in no time!


So, what should you buy?

Well a great palette is a good way to start, collections, duos and trios will save yourself some time and money.

In our own range we have the Pearl Crush Creaseless Shadow Boudoir Collection and the Seamless Velvet Shadow Long Wear Wet / Dry Minerals, which provide the best of light, medium and dark shades.

So don’t restrict yourself to using certain shades at different times of the day, get the best of both worlds with a collection or palette that you can tone up or down.

Mirenesse xx