Obvious Lip Liner…

It might sound obvious, but that’s the point!

Lip Liner should be seen but not over done!

So how do we maintain a safe distance from the “clown mouth” look and still define our lips to make them appear fuller and plumper.

Well it is a matter of finding the right lip pencil!

The first step is to find a shade that will mimic your natural lip tone and one which you can simply sketch around the lip line.

The trick is to shade the lips rather than line them so that the lip liner looks modern and beautiful regardless of the glossy shade you wear.


Another extra tip for you lippy lovers!

  • Drawing a thin line along the edge of your lips with a lip liner colour that is one shade darker than your lipstick, starting at the centre of the upper lip and work outward, hugging the very outer edges will open up thin lips.

So go out and outline your lips using products such as ours, which can prevent bleeding and therefore give your lips a sharp, defined outline.

Mirenesse xx