Makeup And Contact Lenses…

There aren’t any real rules when it comes to makeup but when it comes to applying makeup with contact lenses, safety must come first.

So we have come up with a few tips and tricks all contact lens wearers should follow when applying their makeup, particularly eye makeup such as eyeliner. 




Firstly, when it comes to inserting your lenses do so with clean hands and before applying makeup and after spraying perfumes, sunscreens, and hairsprays as soft contact lenses will absorb residue. 

Next, use a primer or a long lasting flake and crease free shadow and liner to ensure your makeup stays in place.

It’s also a good idea to choose creamy shadows over powders.  

When it comes to eyeliner using a kohl pencil instead of a gel or cream liner, which are prone to drying, cracking, and flaking more than their pencil counterparts is best.

Remember to read packaging and cosmetic benefits, as some brands will mention whether a given product is suitable for contact lens wearers.

Lastly, mascara, with this beauty time the key is to stay away from fibre mascaras, which are prone to micro-flakes that can get into your eye and under your contact, causing irritation and redness.

However, if your fibre mascara is recommended for contact lens or is followed with a securing gel as our Instant Lash Transplant does then you’ll be safe to use it.


It is also worth noting here that with contact lenses instead of applying mascara from the base of the lashes, which can move the mascara too close to the eyes, start from the middle of the lashes and sweep through to the tips.

The other keynote when it comes to mascara and contacts is to search for hypoallergenic, oil and fragrance free formulas when possible.

When wearing contact lenses it is also important to take care not to use overly waxy, oily, or flaky make-up products that may irritate the eye, using water based cosmetics will help with this and they will be less likely to damage your lenses.


It is also important to remember that sharing makeup or applicators will transfer bacteria and that eye make up should be removed before going to sleep to decrease the chance of suffering an allergic reaction.

For those suffering from allergies it is best to use disposable contacts and eye drops from the pharmacy, which can reduce itchiness and watering.

Hypoallergenic and water based foundations as well as pressed powders and quality makeup brushes should be used to reduce further irritation.

The last key word of advice is to remove your contacts before removing your eye makeup and to continue practicing other healthy contact lens habits!

Mirenesse xx