Blemish Mistakes…

We have covered some beauty blunders already in our Common Beauty Mistakes post but today we are exploring blemish mistakes!

So here are a few great beauty tips to comfort your blemish fears!

1. Clean your brushes and exfoliate regularly without rubbing your face raw.

Whether you use brush shampoo or just soap and warm water, cleaning brushes weekly will help you fight bacteria and therefore breakouts and just as much care if not more should be given to exfoliating regularly, which should leave your skin feeling softer.

2. Keep your hands away from your face and your smart phones clean.

When the occasional blemish appears we jump on it straight away instead of leaving it alone, so let nature take its course and don’t touch your face as your attempt to pick or squeeze a blemish will only make matters worse.

Clean hands and tissues should be used for problem spots that you can’t help touching and when it comes to your smart phone screen be careful with holding the phone next to your face for long periods of time after using it with dirty fingers as the dirt will transfer from your fingertips and rest onto your cheek.


Lucky last…

3. Keep up with your skin type so that you can treat it correctly.

As your face gets drier, thinner, and more sensitive as you age you may need to rethink your treatment techniques!

So, invest in a skincare range like ours and great coverage products to ensure you have an extra boost of moisture and confidence when you need it!

Mirenesse xx


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    • Thank you for the comment, the Power Clear D-Blemish system is great!
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