The Purple Hair Trend…

It’s one of Mum’s favourite colours and one recent trend that is a little like Mum in the sense that it is; bold, strong and sweet.

That’s right, we are going to talk about the purple hair trend!

We know that purple has been chosen as the colour of the year this year, but it also seems to be the hair colour of the year with a lot of ladies colouring their strands!

Varying from a mixture of natural tones to a smashing combination of shades, purple has been seen to blend into dark brown and black strands especially well, as well as in the form of highlights which add profound flair and volume.

This bold, vibrant and eye catching trend has been tried and tested by some of our favourite celebs and that is why today we felt it fair to share some of our favourites in ombre, dark and light purples with you all.

Starting off with the ombre style, we can see Jessie J rocks out her black and purple style by pairing it with bright red lips.

jessie j 2

Equally gorgeous, Katy Perry’s dark purple shade is perfectly paired with her bright eyes and defined brows.

katy 3

Experimenting with the smashing contrasts of light hair tones such as peroxide or platinum blonde strands, the style has also been adopted for those who wishes to live out their chromatic fantasies.

Rocking this trend in the lighter option is Nicole Richie’s light ash purple which is a a great way to highlight nude makeup and circle framed glasses!


So as one of the most popular and chic hairstyles of the year, if you haven’t tried the style, it may be one to rock if you feel a little bored with your current colour, but that is if you dare to do it and if Mum approves!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mirenesse xx