Green Tea, Papaya And Portulaca…

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Green tea, papaya and portulaca have a few things in common.

Firstly, all three are great for the skin, second; each have anti-ageing benefits and third; all of them can be found in our Professional Makeup Base Skin Primer.

By why are each of these ingredients essential?

green tea

1. Green Tea

Many teas have shown intriguing health benefits as an anti-ageing antioxidant.

However topical use of green tea can be particularly beneficial too.

With the active ingredients in green tea possessing potent anti-inflammatory properties it has been seen that an extract of tea can prevent collagen breakdown and reduce UV damage to skin, which is a very good reason to use skin-care products that contain one or more forms of the tea.


2. Papaya

A soft butter consistency, this fruit is equally well known for its skin, health and hair benefits as a source of Vitamin A and its ability to keep the skin hydrated.

The application of papaya can help reduce pimples, blemishes and skin discolouration on the face.

It can also be used as a natural skin exfoliator, which can aid in achieving smooth, supple and softer skin just like Portulaca.


3. Portulaca

Reducing the ageing signs on the face by treating inflammatory skin injuries, such as boils and cuts as well as dermatitis and psoriasis this ingredient is a natural source of vitamins A, C and E as well as the co-enzyme Q10.

This miracle ingredient can also fight premature ageing with strong antioxidant and moisturising effects.

Combining all three skincare saviours in the one bottle our Professional Makeup Base Skin Primer was born.


This 2-in-1 sensational skin beauty treatment and corrective make-up base with a pale blue/green colour corrects skin discolourations, redness, pigmentation and acne scars.

Addressing concerns of blotchy skin this primer absorbs excess perspiration and skin oils to perfectly cover broken capillaries and withhold long lasting coverage all day. 

So now that you understand the benefits, go out and enjoy perfect skin with a base that covers and treats imperfections with natural anti-ageing ingredients. 

Mirenesse xx