An Understanding Of Retinol…

We are certain you’ve heard about it and wondered if it can help you, and the answer is yes!
When applied to skin Retinol is a beneficial cell communicating antioxidant that increases healthier skin cells and the amount of skin-support substances.
Retinol can also improve the skin’s collagen production and glycosaminoglycan content, which makes the skin firmer.
Simply put, retinol is Vitamin A, which interrupts free radicals and can therefore prevent wrinkles and manage acne and eczema.
Improving the texture and enhancing barrier function, retinol reverses the signs of ageing and unclogs pores to even out discolouration.
Multitasking, retinol blended with Vitamin C and Vitamin E is a great moisturiser and plumper.
Retinol’s exfoliating benefits can also help treat acne by getting rid of dead skin cells.
Although some people may form a sensitivity to retinol, topical applications are a lot gentler and the best thing to do is to use it slowly.

It is recommended that Retinol should be applied every night for a week, every few months and this is how we recommend our own shoppers apply our retinol booster serums.

Our best products containing Retinol include; our Power Lift Wrinkle Zero Night Renewal Serum and Booster Cream which is ideal for excessive sun damage, sagging contours and dehydration as well as our Power Lift Dermal Firming Face Mask and Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Mask which is ideal for puffy eyes and dark circles around the eyes.

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