The Next Big Thing In Skincare – Ice Cryotherapy…


Athletes do it time and time again for their injuries, but we bet some of you have never thought of it for your skin?

That’s right we are going to talk about Ice Crystal Cryotherapy Masks.

Instantly radiating, these masks are one of the best ways to rejuvenate the skin and make it look years younger with an infusion of moisture, collagen and revitalising botanicals and peptides.

But what exactly is Cryotherapy?

Well, the newest innovation in wrinkle and fine line treatment is the best answer.

It’s quite simple really, applying an ice cold treatment to the skin, which literally freezes wrinkles.

This therapy increases blood flow meaning toxins are flushed away resulting in an instantly smoother and refreshed looking complexion.

Harnessing the power of Glacial Ice Crystals and Cryotherapy technology, our own Ice Crystal Cryotherapy Masks are infused with 40 fabulous ingredients for an immediate rejuvenating boost.


Of course as many of us are aware ice has been used for an analgesic effect on an injury to limit pain and swelling as well as muscle spasms.

But now this new therapy has come about with its own amazing benefits to restore brightness and translucency to the skin for fabulous hydration.

With pure glacier water full of essential minerals, collagen, chondrus crispus for growth and antioxidant stimulator green tea, it comes as no surprise that many shoppers love these masks.

Together with super food betaglucan, age spot reducer niacinamide, brightener liquorice and free radical fighter rosemary as well as 30 botanical extracts, your skin will be makeup ready day and night!


Mirenesse xx