Beautiful Traveller…


When travelling it can be hard to stick to your weight limit and for most of us beauty lovers out there the majority of our luggage is filled with toiletries.

Among the cleansers, toners, body moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, blow dryers and hairstyling products you don’t want to feel shortchanged on skincare so what exactly should you do?

Well, there are a few packing tips you can try.

If your planning a long getaway it may be wise to pack what you can in your carry on but do remember that all of the liquids must fit in a 1-quart, zip-top bag, and none of the individual containers can be too large.

The grooming items will need to be in your checked luggage.

Downsizing into smaller containers or buying your favourites in their mini or travel size alternative is a good idea.

Transferring facial cleansers, shampoos, and conditioners and other liquids into smaller containers is easy but for other products like creams, serums and liners as well as even mascaras a mini version will be a life saviour for space and time on the go.

Here at Mirenesse, unlike many companies we stock minis of a majority of our beauty products and this is what you should take advantage of when planning to travel light and short term. The words of the wise here are the smaller the better.


Another tip is to think realistically when you pack your makeup bag, when on vacation, you’re not likely going to need all your lippy shades so take your favourite or better yet buy your favourite shade in a miniature size and keep all your colours together at home where you won’t fear them getting lost.

Multitasking products are also worth packing to ensure you don’t over pack, as mentioned in our multitasking post these products perform multiple tasks and therefore lighten the load.

Although we recommend downsizing one thing we would recommend for our beauty travellers is that in addition to our SPF products a full size sunscreen should accompany you on any holiday, as it should be applied every day!

Lastly, when deciding whether or not to indulge in Hotel Toiletries there are two rules.

Blow dryers in most destinations are quite capable of doing their job on styling thick, coarse, or curly hair and equally shampoos and conditioners are often decent enough to use.

However when it comes to facial-care products this may not be the best idea.

So never fear forgetting everything you need when travelling and start scaling back with our tips!

Mirenesse  xx