The Ideal Contoured Complexion…

lift and sculpt

The perfect contoured complexion is something we all want to have! 

Most of us have seen the multiple contour videos and application techniques online, but mastering the art of using light and shade isn’t an easy one.

So how can you easily enhance the natural lines and angles of the face, to ensure you look simply stunning from every angle?

Well our Crystal Colour Drops Hydrating Mineral Powder Palette with four amazing shades is the answer!

So let’s get down to the application!


Using your favourite contour brush start with the brown shade and apply around the hairline, underneath the cheekbones and under the jaw line, then use a small shadow brush around the tip of the nose.

Follow by blending the Beige colour which should be used to highlight the forehead, bridge of the nose and around the entire eye area as a highlighter.

Instantly brightening up the complexion and narrowing the face the Peach shade can then add dimension to the cheekbones by adding the illuminating colour at a 45° angle from the outer corner of the lips to the temple.

Finally the Rose shade should be used to complete your contoured look with a light dust over the apples of the cheeks in a circular motion.

Lifting and sculpting the face these shades, which can be commonly found as they are in our photogenic palette with mineral powders, is the perfect way to contour and highlight your complexion.

So simplify your contouring routine today by using four simple shades that easily add depth, dimension and brightness to your complexion.

Mirenesse xx



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