How To Firm, Tighten And Sculpt Your Face In Minutes…


We can do as many face yoga exercises as we like but there is one little miracle product that deserves its own blog post for its ability to really firm, tighten and sculpt the face and neck.

Not only can it be called a “face bra” but our Velvet Maxi Sculpt Collagen Gele is the real “nip tuck”, without the nip tuck.


A semi-solid epidermal filler for sculpting the face and neck this magic in a bottle instantly plumps the skin and fills fine lines and wrinkles.

It contains; a betaglucan protectant found in maitake mushrooms, hydrating flower extracts and high molecular collagen with hyaluronate for lifting and shaping.

This is the ideal product to use for rejuvenating mature skin around the face and neck to help create a more youthful contoured look. 

Promising instant plumping, preservation of skin shape and long term anti-ageing benefits, not to mention its ability to perfectly prime your face for makeup, this product is a definite must try.

In conjunction with great products like this, there are a few other trendy tricks you can try, to elongate and thin your face.

So here they are:

1. Use makeup to sculpt and enhance facial features!

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 5.39.24 pm

The key is to use two contrasting shades one light and one dark.

The lighter colour should be as close as possible to your natural skin tone and this colour is for areas such as your forehead and eyes, so that they reflect the light and give you a radiant complexion.

While the darker shade is used to structure and emphasise as well as reduce plump cheeks and disguise a double chin.

To slim a wide forehead the darker tint should be applied horizontally, starting at the hair root line and applied in an oval shape around the temples.

To refine cheekbones remember a bright cream blush should be added to the apples of your cheeks while a bronze shade should be used under the cheekbones.

To shorten your nose a dab of darker foundation underneath it can be added. For those wanting to make it slimmer, a line of foundation down the length of your nose on each side of the bridge should be applied.

For those wishing to hide a double chin, foundation should be applied to the lower contour of your face, under the lower jawbone and around the neck, working down to your neckline. 


2. Styling your eyes and brows!

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 5.39.11 pm

Creating cat eyes that elongate the lash line and eye shape in an outward and upward direction can also make your face look leaner.

The trick here is highlighting your eyes with a dark-coloured eye pencil and then smudging it slightly around the lash line and following with the application of a light layer of eye shadow. 

Shaping your brows with a pencil for a more angular shape, will also add a point of interest to the upper part of the face.


3. Wearing jewellery!


Sounds silly right, well long earrings are apparently the way to go.

One of the fastest ways to slim a face is to wear eye catching long earrings that hang below your ears.

This will give the illusion of a longer face.

And lastly…


4. Changing your hairstyle!

Having darker roots with lighter tips can make your face appear less round as darker colours tend to recede and make your face seem slimmer.

Teasing your crown, wearing mid-height ponytails, cutting layers but not short bangs are also worthwhile trying.

So use these tips to your advantage and enjoy a firmer, tighter and thinner you!

Mirenesse xx



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