Are You Wearing Flaky Lipstick?

flaky lips

Let’s face it; clumpy and uneven lip colour is not pretty.

But the interesting thing is that this is most likely because of the lips not the lip colour being applied.

So what is the lip issue here?

Dry, deflated lips are the answer.

To avoid the clumpy, uneven colour you will need to keep your lips hydrated and here are a few tips to do so.

Start by applying a clear gloss on a lip brush and follow with a swipe of lipstick.


Applying a bit of lip balm on your lips after you brush your teeth every morning and night is also a good way to create soft lips.

It is also worth investing in a lip primer to smooth lines and add another layer to the lips for your favourite lippy to adhere to.

When it comes to reapplying; this is particularly important for matte lip colours, it is best to remove your colour and start again as adding a fresh application on top of the dry lips will avoid them from looking cakey.

When bleeding is apparent, it is a good idea to line your lips with a pencil similar to the colour of your lipstick.

Some other tips worth remembering is that regular exfoliation is important and this can be simply done with a wet toothbrush or a gentle lip scrub.

Lastly, the number one rule to remember if all else is forgotten, is to stay hydrated by drinking several glasses of water, this will also prevent that gunky film from developing on your lips.

Mirenesse xx