Pull Off The Vintage Look!


We are going back in time to the 30’s and 50’s today to explore some vintage looks!

The 30’s emancipated women; allowing them to claim their independence like never before!

Expressing their femininity with bold makeup this era really paved the way to Hollywood glamour!

So let’s explore some of the looks shall we?

First off, 30’s eye makeup; one of our favourites.

This is where heavy kohl eyes first came into fashion.


Starting at the tear duct and tracing to the outer edge this trend was paired well with pear shaped shadows that enlarged the eyes.

Loving kohl liners ever since, women have enhanced their eye shape and captivated onlookers with a kohl contrast!

In our own brand, our Inside Out Liners have been a popular choice with shoppers for their staying power!


Equally eye opening was Mascara, which became a big necessity and allowed women to show off their upper lashes, which were the centre of attention at the time!

When it came to the lips; a fuller upper lip during the evening was popular and in terms of colour; dark reds, maroons and raspberries were all the rage!


Blushes were also applied in this time and the idea of facial contouring became known.

So, the saying is true, “what goes around comes around”, and just as fashion trends re-emerge every few years so too, do makeup ones!

Much like today, when the 50’s came around women were all about the glamour and the colour palette of this era really popped.

Pastel pinks, yellows, blues and greens dominated, and the pale skin delicacy was born!

Just as it remains today, the majority of the eye looks became minimal and mascara continued as a woman’s favourite beauty item.


So embrace beauty heritage and rock out your favourite mascara and a bold kohl pencil!

Try a lovely bright lip and a small dust of shadow to re-invent a 30’s/50’s classic look like never before!

Mirenesse xx