Beauty Horoscopes…

beauty future

We interpret our horoscopes endlessly, reading them in all sorts of magazines and newspapers daily.

But alongside the prediction of career path, money and relationships where does our beauty future reside?

Well today we’ve had a little fun with the 12 horoscopes.


1. Gemini

May 21-June 21

Gemini beauties love green and silver as curious quick-witted women and often suggest the latest beauty tips and tricks with others.

Many also hold some anti-ageing secrets including our Velvet Maxi Lift Supreme Anti-ageing Renovage Foundation!




2. Cancer

June 22-July 22

These beauties are the dreamers in the crowd!

Flawless in white or black, these ladies are best suited to a glowing airbrushed look such as our New “10” Collagen Cushion Compact!


3. Leo

July 23-August 22

Leo ladies look great in gold and purple as confident women.

These ladies can easily possess the heart of onlookers with our Purple Rain Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner


4. Virgo

August 23-September 22

The women who are always bright and bubbly in yellow and green, Virgo beauties are attentive and clean cut.

These women have a very bright style and look flawless in our #14 Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain!


5. Libra

September 23- October 22

These are the beauty know it alls!

Likely to be a fashion designer or artist, these blue and red lovers can pull off the most attractive seductive looks with our Secret Weapon 24hr Eye Liner in Baby Blue!


6. Scorpio

October 23- November 21

The most intriguing of the lot, these women can attract a lot of attention in black and red colours, particularly when wearing our French Kiss Lip Cocktail Reds in Red Lotus!




7. Sagittarius

November 22- December 20

The explorer of her friends, this beauty is a real extrovert who captivates the most energetic and driven types with an peach style that is easily created with our Superlong Wear Gel Mineral Face Colour in Peach Tango!


8. Capricorn

December 21- January 19

Black, grey, green and brown are the beauty secrets for these lovely women who can wear our earthy rich Creaseless Shadow in Aphrodite so well!


9. Aquarius

January 20- February 18

Idealistic and independent, these women look great in blue and indigo makeup including our Uto Inside Out 27hr Eye Kohl Liner!


10. Pisces

February 19- March 20

Green, purple and turquoise are a Pisces’s choice of weapon and she can sure pull it off with our #23 Lip Bomb Plum Lacquer Stain!


11. Aries

March 21- April 20

Aries beauties are straight-forward, courageous and bold and therefore should rock out a red lip trend using our Lip Bomb Candy Collection!


Lucky Last…


12. Taurus

April 21- May 20

Taurus beauties are tranquil and simple and tend to wear earthly colours, but can surprise onlookers with a killer outfit and a bold green look, we recommend our Superlong Wear Gel in Emerald!


So go out and rock those birth colours!



Mirenesse xx