Art Pop Eyes…


Colour has been a riot this year and so too has funky frames!

From pops of melon to velvet fuchsia and pretty pinks, retro lids have made a big statement and are a sure fire way to captivate onlookers!

But when it comes down to it, no matter how cool the frames and how opaque, dense or vividly bright the colour of your eye shadow or liner is, you need to have fresh wide eyes to pull it off!

red blue

So how do you make sure your eyes are ready to handle a lethal dose of colour?

Well you can easily rock out an edgy cat eye look with the help of two amazing Mirenesse products, our Makeup Studio Palettes and our Sexy Secret Eye Primer!

The revolutionary Studio Magic BB Coverall Multicorrection Palette is the ultimate professional makeup tool.


Allowing you to correct, conceal, contour and highlight, this palette will amazingly erase the appearance of dark circles, age spots, scars and tattoos!



Applied directly to the skin in the 1-4 order before foundation, this palette is our Sexy Secret Eye Primer’s soul mate!


The ideal shadow base, line filler, concealer and brightener, this amazing product can easily be applied by dabbing the applicator onto the eye area or area of concern.

After waiting 15 seconds the formula can be blended in with fingertips and reapplied after 1 minute if needed.

For dark circles, apply after foundation and as an eye shadow base apply before eye shadow application. 

Using these amazing utensils that can instantly brighten, conceal and correct the eye area you can easily rock an art pop eye look anytime of the year!

Mirenesse xx