Weird Skincare Trends…

stop and stare

There’s no denying it, some very weird skincare trends have emerged this year!

From bee venom to snail facials and fish pedicures the options for odd skincare treatments are endless!

So let’s have a look at 5 of the top odd skincare trends!


1. Bee Venom

Supposedly one of the duchess’s skincare secrets, bee venom facial creams, masks and serums have been all the rage.

Said to fight ageing and improve collagen as well as calm inflammation, this venom choice is one that has caused quite a stir!


2. Salmon Products

Said to increase cell life and add brightness to the skin, salmon enzyme skincare products have become apparent online and when you think about it, it doesn’t seem too far fetched considering the benefits of eating salmon.


3. Oil Pulling

Said to clear up acne, this unique mouth washing method has been tried and tested by many.

Achieved by gargling oil for up to 20 minutes this method is said to remove toxins and whiten your teeth, however the verdict is still out on this one.


4. Snail Facials

This one is very interesting and does sound quite uncomfortable, however allowing several snails to roam freely on your face is said to increase moisture.

But it’s certain many would prefer to stick to their routine moisturiser.


5. Fish Pedicures

Quite possibly the most common of the lot, fish pedicures consist of dipping one’s feet into water where several fish remove the dead skin from your feet, yet again this may be a little unsanitary.


Regardless of whether you dare to try these trends or not, treating your skin safely and increasing moisture, brightness and youth is easily achievable with the use of some award winning skincare products such as our Wrinkle Zero Day and Night Serums and cleanser range!

So, be sure you treat your skin with care and try some award winning products today!




Mirenesse xx