Perfectly Prepare And Prime Your Skin For A Matte Finish…

matte prep

It’s true, we could be considered the prime generation!

Not only do we have 1000’s of products for coverage and highlights, but now we have 1000’s of skincare and beauty products that prime, protect, lift and correct our skin before our makeup goes on!

But, what are we all using them for really?

Well, alongside anti-ageing and colour correction, mattifying is a big reason why we use so many products prior to our makeup application!

Let’s face it, no one wants a greasy face, so to tone down the daily shine here are a few easy tips you can incorporate into your daily routine and some great products to use that will lighten the load.


1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin!

Yes the standard three step rule is the best way to prime your skin for makeup.


2. Use a matte primer.

This is particularly great over the T-zone as this becomes the oiliest part of your face throughout the day.

We recommend our Professional Makeup Base which is a great mattifying primer.



3. Apply a matte cover.

A tinted cover with SPF for sun protection will work best for everyday wear!

We recommend our Eclipse Age Defence Daily Balm which is available in a clear and tinted balm, and offers strong UVA and UVB protection.


4. Add concealer.

For that extra bit of coverage, touch up any problem areas like dark circles and blemishes with concealer.

We recommend our Icon Sealer Supreme Eye Smoothing Primer which fills, corrects and highlights day after day!


5. Set your coverage with a loose powder.

Stop your concealer from getting greasy with a great translucent powder such as our Studio Magic Blur, Glow or Pore Powder.


Following these short steps you can easily enjoy a perfect matte finish everyday!

Mirenesse xx