How To Pull Off The Dewy Look…

dewy delight

We all want that dewy foundation look.

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that achieving this fresh style is actually a lot easier than you think!

So hear are some trade secrets to pulling off the look!


1. Mix your primer or moisturiser with your foundation! 

Even if you’ve been a cream foundation lover for a long time, you may not know that you can manipulate your foundation to have a sheer or full finish by simply mixing it with some primer or moisturiser.

By doing so, not only can you retain the foundation’s coverage without looking cakey, but your foundation will be more durable and blend more seamlessly.

This is also a great trick to try for those with dry or combination skin!

2. Choose the right foundation! 

Picking the right foundation is key to pulling off this look.

Picking a foundation with a satin finish and sheer coverage like our Flawless Revolution 3-in-1 Skin Perfector is a good way to go.

Following with a powder sparingly will also help treat oily parts of your skin such as the T-Zone!



3. Invest in a cream blush instead of a powdery one! 

For a dewy cheek finish, a creamy blush is key!

But if you are in love with your powder blush like many of our shoppers are, never fear you can simply mix your favourite powder with a dab of your moisturiser on a plate and blend it well into the skin. 

4. Use a liquid highlighter! 

Adding a cheek highlighter above your blush will add a soft glow to the cheeks and give your face a more radiant appearance.

Similarly a highlighter can be applied under the brow bones, down the centre of the nose bridge and above the cupid’s bow as well as just under the bottom lip!




So now dewy perfection can be yours!

Mirenesse xx