Coloured Flicked Eyeliner…


Winged eyeliner isn’t anything new but a coloured wing, cat eye or flick does really add a bright spark to any look!

But to pull off the look right, there is one main tip: Practice!

As it has been said over and over again, practice does make perfect, so do play around with different wing lengths to achieve your own signature look.

For those who have already started practicing, here are a few extra tips:


1. Powder Your Eyelids!

A translucent powder or neutral base will avoid smudging.


2. Create the right line!

For a softer, more smokey/smudged effect, a pencil such as our Inside Out 27Hr Kohl will do the trick and blend beautifully.



But if you are staying true to a sharp winged eye, you can’t beat a liquid budge-proof eyeliner such as our Secret Weapon 24Hr Eye Liners in Pure Gold, Purple Rain and Baby Blue!

Starting thinly from the inner corner of the eye and broadening as you reach the outer edge of the eye, achieve a perfectly winged point by following the eyes natural curve.

Do remember to fill your brows, as you may need to lift them to complete the look!


coloured tips


3. Quick Fix!

When the occasional spot or wonky line emerges use a cotton tip!

Simply dipped in a little moisturiser or foundation you can avoid erasing more than you want.


4. Add a dense dose of colour!

Although we love black; a deep purple, bright gold or light blue will really jazz up your look!


To wrap it up!

5. Finish off your look with a sheer lip colour and some light blush!
So there you have it, paired with a flawless face you can go out and enjoy the bright pop of colour that coloured flicks add to your style!
Mirenesse xx

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