The Next Generation In Makeup…

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We all want complete coverage that is lightweight and can blur lines instantly and today we are looking at just that.

A product that not only gives you full coverage but a clean glowing finish that fills pores and blurs lines.

That is our Studio Magic Face Glow Powder and Blur Powder.


Paired perfectly with our new “10” Collagen Cushion Compactthese powders are stepping out as the new powder generation.



These professional-quality, translucent finishing powders with glow illuminating technology instantly correct dull-looking skin.

Equally capable of sealing foundation, concealers or even just primers, these powders create a look of healthy, glowing skin.

They contain natural silica, BB mineral pigments and vitamin E that work together to calm and rejuvenate red or blemished skin.

They absorb excess oils as well as restore the skin’s natural moisture balance.

With micro beads of super fine glowing powder and a matching micro sponge, this is a must.

So don’t waste anymore time trying to differentiate between makeup powders and try the next big thing in cutting-edge technology!

Mirenesse xx