Acne And Blackhead Issues…

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Whether it’s acne, blackheads or some other skin condition giving you discomfort, there is a solution.

Although many of us have tried everything and anything to prevent having to constantly cover a blemish or troubled area, the best way to correct and prevent is to treat, and today we are going to explore just that.

But firstly, it’s important to understand that clogged pores are the real issue!

Therefore the answer to many acne, blackhead and skincare concerns come in 3 Pore treating steps.

1. Unclog pores with a mask such as our Pore Shrinc Intensive Pore Minimiser Mask.


Solving the problem of enlarged clogged pores with excessive sebum, this extracting mask helps to clean, firm and elasticise pores while detoxifying and removing impurities.

With new innovative skin purifying technology, the mask is as easy as 1,2,3.

1- Apply as a cream on dry skin.

2- Allow to set into a softening clay mask, drawing out impurities from the pores.

3- Add water to create a foam and rinse clean!


After following these easy steps your pores are tightened and your skins texture is refined and mattified.

Now to the next step.

2. Tighten pores and limit their appearance with a serum such as our Absolute Pores Tightening Night Serum.


To be applied every night after cleansing and rinsed off in the morning.

This serum is clinically proven to inhibit the glycation of collagen and limit the appearance of ageing with 17 amino acids and anti-ageing peptides.

It’s no surprise this powerful anti-ageing blend of pore caring and rejuvenating ingredients presents visible results within the first week of use!


3. Cover and correct pores with a soft focus primer such as our Pore Perfect CC Primer.



A super soft focus pigment that instantly improves the look of open pores and fine lines and lasts up to 16 hours this water and perspiration resistant cover corrector is the best way to visibly plump up and diminish the appearance of pores.

This primer is to be applied to open pores daily alone or over makeup with a sponge or fingertips.

This primer can be used for spot concealing or for full or sheer coverage as it is easily mixed with your moisturiser.

Either way you can reap the rewards of applying a product containing the youth molecule renovage, vitamin A, C and E as well as sodium hyaluronate and salicylic acid.

So there you have it, an acne and blackhead cure in three easy pore refining steps, using three simple products.

Mirenesse xx