DIY Lip And Cheek Colour…

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DIY makeup is a big thing these days and here at Mirenesse we love to see what our shoppers have created and the colours they have customised with our products.

So, from customised glitter shades to ombre lips we too have our own customisable lip and cheek tool!

Our Glossy Kiss Lip Cheek Colour!

Created with BB mineral technology, Glossy Kiss takes lip colour to a new level, delivering a high dose of colour and shine in just one swipe; with the precision of a liner, the moisture of a balm, the shine of a gloss and the staying power of a stain, all-in-one!

Applied directly to the lips and cheekbones this colour is engineered from the latest in colour technology, so that you can enjoy non-sticky, non-drying and non-feathering colour to leave the lips full, smooth and hydrated.

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But for those looking to DIY their beauty routine at home, here are some other ideas.

1. Melt down your colours!

Start with about 1 tbsp of your base whether it be a clear lip balm or gloss and pop it in the microwave at 15-second intervals.

You can certainly use the stove-top if you don’t believe in microwaves, but be sure to use the lowest setting and be patient.

When it comes to adding the colour, the less lipstick or stain you add, the more sheer it will be.

The more you add, the more vibrant and the better the staying power.

If you intend to use it on your cheeks as well as your lips, sheer is best.

The idea is to melt all the elements into a liquid, mix thoroughly, and fill your desired container.

The general rule is to add 3 drops of colour for a sheer lip and cheek stain, added to roughly 1 tbsp of base, but it is customisable!

Enjoy your creative side!

Mirenesse xx