The Green Eye Shadow Pop…

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Green eye shadow has been all the rage lately and for good reason!

Not only does green add freshness on its own to any look, but paired with blue, gold or silver, the bright colour options are endless.

Green can be applied along the lash line and blended to diffuse colour, or applied densely to add a pop of colour.

For fairer skin tones, green is quite bright and should therefore be extended into a cat eye style to transform the shade into a sheer form.

For medium and darker skin tones, a golden green can be applied thickly for an immense pop of colour.

However, regardless of the skin colour and the green shade variation the key to pulling off this look is to wear a lot of mascara and dress the eyes with liner inside and out and keep the rest of the face bare to ensure the eyes are the stand out feature!


In our own range you can easily be gorgeous in green with our Superlong Wear Gel Mineral Face Colour in Emerald or our Aussie Babe palette in our Seamless Velvet Shadow and Crush Creaseless Shadow in Lakshmi.

These green pops of colour work best with our Cougar Mascara Comb on 24Hr Liquid Lashes and our Secret Weapon Mascaras which also has it’s own Purple Rain shade for our those adventurous beauty types!


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One thought on “The Green Eye Shadow Pop…

  1. I love green eyeshadow but it certain shades that I love look horrible on me. I can wear dark greens and emeralds but anything else looks bad and I love the other variations.

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