Your Best Feature May Surprise You?

guys think

We tend to focus on the thoughts of women and what women want in the beauty world, but today we are looking at things from a male’s perspective!

The question is, “what feature do you think is your best”?

Your overall physique, lips and eyes?

Well you may be interested to know that many man would disagree with you!

It’s actually known that men mostly observe your hair, smile, pitch of voice, glow and fakeness before your physique, lips and eyes!

So let’s explore each shall we.

1. The thickness of your hair. 
Men are drawn to thick locks, which can signal how healthy a woman is.

2. Your smile. 
Surprisingly, you can reveal how relaxed and how much fun you are by your smile.

Men love the eye crinkle so when stepping out for a hot date maybe lay off the eye serum haha!

3. Your voice pitch. 
Interestingly, men are drawn to voices in a slightly higher register as this is also a signal of youth!

4. Your glow. 
A radiant complexion signifies good mental health as stress and anxiety usually cause breakouts and dull skin, so be sure to wear your Mirenesse “10” day after day.

Lucky last!

5. Fakeness. 
Sorry ladies, the hair extensions and over the top fake lashes are bound to shout high maintenance!

So invest in a great mascara and try our instant lash transplant so that you don’t give prince charming the wrong idea!

Mirenesse xx