Mega Cat Eye Looks…

cruise liner

Lovers of sexy eye makeup looks, rejoice!

Today we are going to explore some mega cat eye styles!

From smudged and smokey to colour and retro, any style can be achieved within minutes with the right beauty utensils and a little advice!

So let’s jump straight in.

Smudged & Smokey Cat Eyes!

Whether it be smudged or not, a hot catlike look can easily be created by:

1. Curling the lashes.

We recommend our iCurl Twin Heated Lash Curler.

2. Dotting a light layer of eye shadow primer on the eyes.

We recommend our Icon Sealer Supreme Eye Smoothing Primer.

3. Lining your inner rim with pencil and then your upper lash line with a precision tip or angled brush.

We recommend our Inside Out 27Hr Eye Kohl.



4. Layer a liquid liner on top of the pencil line and create a winged out edge.

Drag out a thicker line as you apply the liner or apply an ombre shadow style.

We recommend our Secret Weapon 24Hr Eyeliners.

5. Dab a coloured shadow in the inner corners of the eyes, followed by a metallic shade in the centre and a darker shade in the outer edge towards the brow.

We recommend our Superlong Wear Gel Mineral Face Colour.

With the same products you can also create a raving Retro Style!


Simply create this fresh style by:

1. Wing out your black or coloured eyeliner by creating the tail of what will be the wing of your liner first. Begin at the outer corner of your eye, this will help guide you to where you want the tail to finish.

2. Then you can apply in a backwards stroke to thicken the line as desired.

3. Create a triangular tail, by drawing a tiny, elongated triangle with your eyeliner brush.

4. Fill in the triangle shape that connects the winged liner to the upper lash line.

5. Clean up any imperfections with a small cotton tip tipped in moisturiser or foundation.

Mirenesse xx