The Paler The Better?


You may have heard it time and time again, but sunscreen is important!

Not only will you age more gracefully as a reward of sunscreen use, but ivory really has become the new olive lately.


Who agrees?

Well, with the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone and Gwen Stefani making a pale statement, there is no denying it really!

This pale style has put many off sun baking and fake tanning, not only for the great danger of over staying your welcome in the sun, but in concern of developing age spots, deep lines and wrinkles.

From celebs to your everyday woman, this healthy approach to beauty has become the next big thing!


So, how can you introduce SPF into your beauty routine?

Firstly, remember when choosing the right sunscreen product that titanium dioxide and zinc oxide should be found for ultimate UVA and UVB protection.

This can be found in our Eclipse Age Defence Daily Face Balm and our Travel Mini Skincare items.



So treat, protect and nourish your skin with the best skincare and makeup protects that offer flawless protection day after day!

Mirenesse xx